Tareq Hadhad of "Peace by Chocolate"

This 26 year old "new Canadian" may make you rethink the term "refugee".

It's not every day the Prime Minister tweets about your family business...  

And Friday was not the first time that Justin Trudeau has turned the global spotlight on "Peace by Chocolate".  In September, 2016, when he was addressing the UN Leaders Summit on Refugees in New York, he talked about how these new Canadians had become an inspiring model for the world to take note of. 

The Hadhad family ran a thriving chocolate company in Damascus, but lost everything when Syria descended into violence and chaos. After three years in a refugee camp in Lebanon, the family had the opportunity to come to Canada and they started a new life in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Within months of arriving, the Hadhads resurrected their chocolate business - with a meaningful new name - and now they're creating happiness AND jobs ! 

My guest in this episode of The Soul Booth is Tareq Hadhad, the 26 year old son, who is now the face of the company...and a compelling voice for the rights of refugees.

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